Godox V1 vs Godox V860ii C

The Godox V1 vs V860ii

This article discusses the Godox V1 vs V860ii and the main differences between the two models. For a more in-depth review of each speedlite please see our webpages Godox V1 Review and Godox V860II Review.

The Godox V860II was released back in July 2016 so it’s been around for a while now. As far as value for money is concerned the V860II is still hard to beat and remains one of my favourite speedlites. The Godox V1 was released in April 2019. It sets itself apart from the traditional speedlites by having a distinctive round flash head. The round head design, according to Godox, produces a much softer and more natural looking light. In theory this is true but in practice I’ve found the difference to be quite small and difficult to see in the final image.

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Round head speedlites vs rectangular head speedlites

Round head speedlites vs rectangular head speedlites

So what’s all the fuss about round head speedlites?

Profoto was the first company to manufacture a portable round head TTL hotshoe flash. The Profoto A1 was released to much critical acclaim in September 2017 describing itself as the world’s smallest studio light. Profoto is one of the big names when it comes to professional studio lighting but its innovative and high quality equipment come with a very hefty price tag. The Profoto A1 went on sale in the US for just over $1000 (around £840 in the UK).

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