Godox AD200 vs AD200 Pro

Godox AD200 vs AD200 Pro

If you are thinking about buying a Godox AD200 then you are probably going to want to know what the difference is between the Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro and whether it’s worth spending the extra money on the Pro-version.

This blog looks at the difference between the two models. If you want to read a more detailed review of each individual model please visit our webpage Godox AD200 Review or Godox AD200 Pro Review

On quick inspection of the Godox AD200 vs AD200 Pro they look pretty much the same and have an almost identical specification. Both have interchangeable flash heads. The rectangular Fresnel flash head and the bare bulb flash head are included as standard with both models. The H200R round flash head and an LED head are optional extras. Both models have the same 200 Ws power output, use the same lithium-ion battery and have all the features we have come to expect from a portable flash such as TTL auto exposure, manual power output, high speed sync, second curtain sync and radio wireless communication (they use the Godox X 2.4 GHz system). The AD200 Pro has some subtle improvements which we’ve highlighted below. These improvements may justify the slight increase in price depending on your photographic needs. The AD200 and the AD200 pro are both excellent speedlites and the preferred choice of many professional wedding and event photographers due to their powerful flash output, portability, selection of interchangeable flash heads and great value for money.

Table highlighting the differences between the two models:

FeatureAD200AD200 Pro
Guide price£267/US$299£329/US$329
Date releasedApril 2017April 2019
Max Power200 Ws200 Ws
Manual exposure output1/128 – 1/11/256 – 1/1
Manual exposure steps1/3 stop1/10 stop
Radio WirelessGodox X 2.4GHzGodox X 2.4GHz
Radio Channels32 CH32 CH + 100 IDs
Radio master/slaveSlaveSlave
Lithium battery14.4V/2900mAh14.4V/2900mAh
Colour Temperture5600K +/- 200K5600K +/- 100K
Number of flashes 1/1500500
Recycle time 1/12.1 seconds1.8 seconds
Size168 x 75 x 50mm172 x 75 x 54mm
Godox AD200 vs AD200 Pro

What is the difference between the Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro?

  • Colour Consistency. The AD200 Pro has a Colour Consistency Mode. When turned on it allows the colour temperature from minimum to maximum power output to vary by only +/- 100K. The AD200 doesn’t have this mode setting and the variation in colour temperature output over the entire output range is +/- 200K. This added colour stability might be important to some photographers such as those who specialise in product/commercial photography but, personally I can’t see much of a difference especially if you are keeping to around the same power output throughout the shoot.
Godox AD200 vs AD200 Pro
  • Power output control. Although the flash power output of the two models remains the same the AD200 Pro can now be controlled by 1/10 stop increments and the minimum power is now 1/256 rather than 1/128 on the AD200. The AD200 can only be controlled in 1/3 stop increments. Again for general portraiture and weddings this isn’t such a big deal and I actually prefer using 1/3 stop increments since it’s quicker to change power levels.

  • Design improvements. The flash body casing has had some improvements in the AD200 Pro and the back LCD panel has now been slightly recessed which offers slightly better protection from knocks. However both units are quite heavy and I am not convinced either one of them would survive much of a fall. I’m always extra careful using these units outdoors and use plenty of sandbags to stabilise the lighting-stand especially if it’s windy or have a soft box or umbrella attached. The AD200 Pro also has an improved control panel with additional buttons now dedicated to the modelling lamp and testing the flash. In the AD200 these functions were located on shared buttons.
Rear view of the AD200 and AD200 Pro.
  • Recycle time. The AD200 Pro has a slightly faster recycling time. Its recycle time at full power is 1.8 seconds compared to the 2.1 seconds of the AD200. Not a big difference but it is noticeable even at half and quarter power when firing off a burst of shots.

  • Cost. The AD200 Pro is typically 20% more expensive than the AD200. Whether it’s worth paying the extra money really depends on what you’re shooting. Anyone requiring more accurate colour consistency such as commercial photographers will probably opt for the AD200 Pro while wedding and portrait photographers probably won’t notice any difference apart from the very slight improvement in recycle time. Both models are excellent value for money.


Both the AD200 and the AD200 Pro are excellent speedlites and highly recommended. Whether you decide to pay the extra for the AD200 Pro depends on your requirements and also how much the difference is. There are occasions when there are just a few pounds/dollars between the two models so going with the AD200 Pro is a no brainer if this is the case.

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