Speedlite Battery Pack Option

Speedlite Battery Pack Option

Most speedlites are powered by 4 x AA batteries, it’s preferable to use rechargeable Ni-MH batteries which deliver a bit more power than regular alkaline batteries and slightly reduce the recycle time between flashes. A set of 4 x AA’s usually provide more than enough power for most uses but sometimes you want to take lots of pictures with flash, the flash needs to recycle really quickly, you might want to use a high power burst of flash frequently. An external battery pack provides an extra power source to help you to do this. Many speedlites have a socket for plugging in an external battery pack, a notable exception being the Canon 430EX II and the Canon 430EX III-RT.
Canon produce their own CP-E4N compact battery pack that holds 8 AA batteries. Godox also offer a larger capacity lithium-ion battery that was designed for their Witstro range of speedlites such as the AD360 II-C. However by using a Godox CX cable the battery pack can be used with Canon speedlites and many Yongnuo speedlites.

Canon CP-E4N Battery Pack

The Canon CP-E4N compact battery pack is compatible with most Canon speedlites. With eight AA batteries, it will help the flash to recharge even quicker and will give you more flashes between battery changes. It will also give you faster continuous shooting and with improved heat management can allow for more bursts before needing to stop.

Canon CP-E4N Compact Battery Pack for Canon speedlites

 Godox PB960 Lithium-ion Battery Pack

The Godox Propac PB960 is a 4500mAh lithium-ion flash power pack that can provide up to 1800 full power flashes from a typical speedlite ( and around 450 full power flashes from the Godox AD360 II-C). It has dual power ports for powering two flashes simultaneously and can reduce recycle time significantly (1 second full power recycle using the Canon 580EX II or Canon 600EX II-RT).

Custom Function External Power Settings

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