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Welcome to Speedlite Review. This 100% independent website will explain the main features that can be today’s modern portable speedlite flashes, enabling you to compare the various speedlite models currently on the market and help you to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. In some respect this website is more of a buyer’s guide than a guide to getting great photos. Only once you’ve bought the equipment and feel confident in using it properly can you then concentrate on the other important aspects of taking a great image such as making the subject feel relaxed, composition, choosing your lens and aperture settings etc.

If you are confused about whether you need E-TTL II metering, High Speed Sync, autofocus assist, optical or radio triggers then this website is for you.

This website is mainly aimed at Canon EOS camera owners since the speedlites that I review on this site are all compatible with Canon EOS cameras and most of the speedlites and transmitters/receivers are fully compatible with Canon’s E-TTL II flash system. I also happen to own a selection of Canon EOS DSLRs which makes testing and reviewing the speedlites much easier.

I certainly don’t believe that Canon cameras are better than any of the other companies out there. Nikon, Sony, Fuji & Olympus make some superb and exciting new cameras and users of such cameras will find much of the content on this website relevant to their own camera systems.

Speedlites reviewed on this website not only include those made by Canon but also by third party Chinese companies such as Godox and Yongnuo. In many cases these third party manufacturers offer a version designed to work specifically for each camera brand. Unfortunately due to financial limitations I can’t afford to buy a selection of Nikon, Fuji and Sony cameras and compatible speedlites to test them all out. Sorry about that, that will be a future project.

Speedlites, Speedlights, Flashguns and Flash, are all the same thing – small portable battery powered units that fire a very short, high intensity burst of light at the same time as the camera’s shutter is open (in-sync). The duration of the flash is very quick, hence the term “speed light”. Flashgun is probably the most common generic name used, Speedlite is used by Canon, Yongnuo, Godox and many others, whilst Nikon uses the spelling Speedlight. On this website we’ll mix and match.

All equipment reviewed on this site has been bought personally by me. Some of it was bought for use in portraiture, boudoir and model portfolio updates that I undertake in clients homes or on location where lightweight, compact and portable kit is critical to me. More recently, however, much of the equipment has been bought for the specific task of testing and reviewing it. I now have a nice little collection of over 25 speedlites as well as plenty of modifiers, reflectors etc.

100% independent and free from advertising

Speedlite Review Declaration: I have received no freebies or financial incentives from companies asking me to promote their products or trying to persuade me to include their products on this site or write positive reviews. All equipment included in this website has a genuine place in the market and I would be happy to use most of the equipment reviewed on any photoshoot. However, you usually get what you pay for and if you want a speedlite that’s going to be worked hard every day for the next few years on commercial jobs then it’s probably wise to invest in one of the top-of-the-range branded models.

If I have felt that a specific speedlite just doesn’t make the cut and is not considered suitable for use then I prefer not to include it on the site rather than write a negative review.

No sales or commissions and no affiliate links

Affiliate Links: For most speedlites reviewed on this site I’ve tried to include a link to where you can but it, or at least check the up-to-date-price and find more information about the product. The links will typically be to Lencarta (UK), WEX (UK), Amazon (UK), B&H Photo (US), Adorama (US) and Amazon (US) since these are some of the largest retail suppliers. At the moment these links are affiliate-free and generate NO commission for me. I’m sure as I become more organised in the future this will change but I’ll make it very clear when I do. The price of the product will still be the same if you buy a product after following the link, the only difference is that I will make a small commission which I can use to support the upkeep of this site and start another site reviewing modifiers and then showing practical lighting set-ups.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful. Your feedback is always welcome.

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